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Wei he vinegar the global investment early people have a discount
Nov 29, 2017

At present, people do not contain vitamin C in vinegar, and in some high cancer incidence area, for example in northwest henan for esophageal cancer, esophageal cancer epidemiology and chemical causes to prove: nitrite excessive intake and a lack of vitamin C intake for important reasons. In the high incidence of esophageal cancer, people are very jealous of vinegar, which does not contain vitamin C. Cancer research in the United States and Japan shows that eating vitamin c can prevent cancer. And cancer prevention.

Develop VC anti-cancer vinegar, its development method is to improve the original vinegar production process, add vitamin C process, finally produce VC anti-cancer vinegar.

Vinegar is necessities of people's life, he vinegar has inhibitory effect on tumor cancer, in the prevention and treatment of tumor, should be used for a long time, so the d his cancer is one of the types of human cancer anticancer vinegar is both convenient and practical anti-cancer health food.

(Chinese nutrition association nutrition and oncology academic conference paper abstract: November 1990)

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