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Vinegar related allusions
Jun 11, 2018

Vinegar related allusions

Legend has it that in the ancient Zhongxing Kingdom, now a man named Dukang in Yuncheng County of Shanxi Province invented the wine. His son Heta also learned winemaking techniques with Dukang. Later, the Heita family moved to the place of Zhenjiang in Jiangsu Province. There, after they made wine, they felt that it was a pity that the distiller had been thrown away. It was stored and soaked in the aquarium. On the day of the 21st, when a cylinder was opened, a fragrance that had never been smelled came. Under the scent of rich flavor, the black pagoda tasted a bite, both sweet and sour, the taste is very beautiful, it is stored as a seasoning pulp. What is the name of this seasoning paste? The Black Tower named the acid water as vinegar by adding it on the 21st. It is said that until today, Zhenjiang Hengshun sauce vinegar plant a batch of vinegar is still a period of twenty-one days. Vinegar, also known as vinegar, wolfberry, bitter wine, etc., because of its ranking in the cooking of the first five flavors, the ancients love the vinegar has given it an anthropomorphic title - the general manager.


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