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Vinegar is different in raw materials and production methods
Sep 25, 2018

Vinegar is different in raw materials and production methods

It can be divided into fermented vinegar and synthetic vinegar. 

Its varieties mainly include rice vinegar, vinegar and white vinegar. 

The main raw material of rice vinegar is sorghum, yellow rice, bran, rice bran and salt. It is made by fermentation of vinegar and has a light brown color. 

It has rich flavor and good quality. 

It is suitable for foraging and cooking. 

The raw material of vinegar is not yellow rice. Basically the same as the raw material of rice vinegar, after fermentation, slightly added pepper, cinnamon and other smoked, the color is deeper, the storage time is better, suitable for foraging and cooking; 

white vinegar (also known as vinegar) is diluted with glacial acetic acid and water It has a higher content of acetic acid than rice vinegar, and has a large acidity and no fragrance. 

Concentrated acetic acid has a certain corrosive effect, and should be diluted and controlled according to needs when used.

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