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Vinegar ingredients
Nov 22, 2016

(1) the traditional ingredients of vinegar, South by rice and rice (rice), and mainly to sorghum and millet in the North Central Plains dominated by wheat, Sichuan and Shaanxi on whole wheat. Now also include rice, maize, sweet potato, sweet potato, potato, potato dried alternative. Ingredients prior to cooking, gelatinization, liquefaction and saccharification, the starch into sugar, and yeast fermentation to produce ethanol, and then in the presence of acetic acid bacteria make ethanol fermentation, ethanol oxidation of acetic acid.

(2) with sugar-containing raw materials of vinegar, you can use the grape, Apple, pear, peach, persimmon, dates, tomatoes and other fruit juice made from vinegar, honey and molasses as raw material can also be used. They are only two bio-ethanol and acetic acid fermentation stage. Shanxian County in Western Henan Creutzfeldt persimmon vinegar in history, as a tribute to vinegar.

(3) use alcohol as raw material, adding Acetobacter acetic acid fermentation by a biochemical stage. Such as liquor or alcohol diluted by adding water as raw materials, speed BREW rule of vinegar, just 1 day ~3 day of wine vinegar.

(4) consumption of acetic acid mixed with water to produce vinegar plus seasonings, spice, color and other things, make it approximate the flavor of vinegar brewing vinegar.

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