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Vinegar because of the raw materials and brewing process
Nov 22, 2016

Vinegar because of the raw materials and brewing process is different, there is no uniform method of classification. If the vinegar process can be divided into brewing vinegar and synthetic vinegar. Brewing vinegar according to different raw materials can be divided into grain vinegar, sweet and sour sauce (made with caramel, molasses-like material), vinegar (made with raw materials, consumption of alcoholic liquor), vinegar (made from water in fruit class raw material). Food vinegar according to the different processing methods can be further divided into vinegar, vinegar, balsamic vinegar, wheat bran, etc. Synthetic vinegar can be divided into vinegar and white vinegar. If classified by materials handling methods, food ingredients after cooking paste not directly used for vinegar, called raw vinegar after cooking paste treatment made from vinegar, vinegar called clinker. If classified by vinegar saccharifying Koji, the bran Koji vinegar-vinegar, old method. If classified by acetic fermentation, fermentation liquid fermentation of vinegar, vinegar-and solid-fermentation of diluted vinegar. If classified by color of the vinegar, the tint dark vinegar, vinegar, white vinegar. If classified according to flavor, vinegar's strong vinegar smell; vinegar with special caramel aroma; the smell of vinegar and balsamic vinegar and vinegar; sweet vinegar add Chinese herbs, plants and spices.

Synthetic vinegar diluted with edible acetic acid formed. The vinegar taste great, but no fragrance. This vinegar contains no nutrients in the vinegar and therefore not prone to mouldy but because there are no nutritional effect, only seasoned, so if there are no special needs, brewing vinegar or to eat as well.

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