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The use of vinegar
Nov 22, 2016

Vinegar is the spice of culinary school, one of the seven table. Vinegar is the biggest feature: with a hint of fragrance, this is because acetic fermentation in the production of long microorganisms at high temperatures (above 40 c) occur due to biochemical changes complex.

However, vinegar sold in the market, in the course of processing, packaging, selling, because of the time constraint, often diluted and distributed, causing fragrance is not very strong. To make the vinegar flavour, you can add a little wine in a glass of vinegar, then mixed with a little salt, stir. In this way, not only to maintain the original vinegar taste, but also becomes very sweet and easy to store, time is long not born white film.

Regulate blood Ph

Vinegar called for lowering the third-highest in daily life in a drink.

Vinegar and weight loss

Vinegar diet drink once popular, Japan, and Taiwan will pop the beans soaked in vinegar pickled vinegar beans, claiming that sooner or later every day 10~20, you can achieve the weight loss results. Argument is that vinegar can enhance the body's metabolism, prevents accumulation of fat, but nutrition experts said shaking his head, and no definitive research to support this claim.

Dietitian inference, if you really want to drink vinegar to lose weight, may be a lot of drinking vinegar drink full, eat something else, or jealous of beans instead of the usual high calorie snacks, by contrast, caloric intake reduction.

However, this method of weight loss is not sustainable, over time resulting in nutritional deficiencies, imbalances and depletion health, Weng Huiling reminds, on the other hand, some vinegar, such as fruit vinegar drink will add a lot of sugar to improve the taste, are not low in calories, when buying, pay attention to the ingredient list included sugar, or nutrition facts calorie and carbohydrate content. So can drinking vinegar to lose weight, is in doubt.

Vinegar appetizer

Summer heat people lost appetite, eat some cool, sour foods can provoke appetite. Vinegar is one of the easiest way, as with vinegar and olive oil to heat is lower than that of thousand Island dressing of oil and vinegar salad dressing, seafood salad with vinegar, garlic-pepper flakes or pickled cucumbers with vinegar, Lotus root, bitter gourd, can be used as a summer appetizer before a meal.

Nutritionists recommend, let appetite of chronic patients and elderly amount to some vinegar taste degradation, can regulate appetite, improving the food situation.

Vinegar can stimulate gastric acid secretion, helps digestion

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