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The relationship between dietary fiber and cancer
Jan 15, 2018

Studies on the relationship between dietary fiber and cancer are more common in colon and breast cancer. Long-term constipation or under the condition of high fat diet, often in the intestines of human body form some carcinogens or promoter (secondary bile acid, phenol, indoles, nitrosamines, estrogen, etc.). Of bile acid as a promoter of colon cancer, the incidence of breast cancer is associated with this, some gut microbes to high fat diet after using a large number of secretion of bile acid into excessive estrogen, this is a potentially significant factors of breast cancer work, food fiber can be combined with bile acid, reduce its absorption, and made contact with the im on harmful bacterium e. hard, another food fiber containing water features to soften feces, it also reduces the friction between the colon wall and then send the process of damage, reduce the chances of cancer; In addition, under the action of fermentable fiber colon bacteria produce butyrate, now think that butyric acid may potentially prevent colon cancer, colon cells of butyric acid absorbed quickly and specificity, butyric acid as energy of colon cells metabolism, promote the proliferation of normal cells. Butyric acid also inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells and controls the expression of cancer genes.

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