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Soaking vinegar
Jan 14, 2019

Vinegar soaking feet

Chinese medicine believes that the feet are an important starting part of the twelve meridians, and have important functions such as running blood, communicating with organs, communicating internal and external, and running through.


There are also many nerve endings on the feet, which are closely connected to the brain and have many important points that lead to the whole body. The foot has the end of the three yin (spleen, liver, kidney) and Sanyang (stomach, gallbladder, bladder). Stimulating these acupuncture points can excite the peripheral nerves, activate the nerves and promote the function of the corresponding organs.


Therefore, the foot is also called the "second heart." Foot care is related to the whole, and the health caregivers often use foot care as an important method for health and longevity.


"People are old and weak, and they raise their feet first." The internal cause of aging of the feet is actually poor blood. In order to maintain our feet to delay aging, we must adhere to the foot treatment, and the time and economic conditions in the pedicure shop are not allowed.


In recent years, the method of washing feet and feet with vinegar at home to maintain the smoothness of the meridians of the feet has become increasingly popular. It is good for the body to soak a bubble with vinegar every day.

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