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Processing raw vinegar
May 29, 2018

Processing raw vinegar

Sterilization, boiling in an emergency fire, immediately turn off the heat for a half minute (actually, sterilization does not matter, acetic acid bacteria itself has the effect of inhibiting bacterial growth, where sterilization is to facilitate storage)

Filtration, there will be some suspended solids and other impurities in the original vinegar, these suspended substances are actually made of pectin, not harmful to the body, but affect the perception, with a simple multi-layer gauze filter on it. To deploy apple cider vinegar:

The apple juice filter, and the original vinegar, honey deployment, generally in accordance with 80% of the apple juice, 15% of the original vinegar, 5% of honey is more appropriate deployment, according to personal taste can be modified appropriately.

When drinking, it is better to use pure water (not to open water, which will destroy nutrients). Because the concentration is too high, the taste is too heavy, and the nutrient absorption effect is not good.

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