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Overuse of antibiotics = death.
Jan 30, 2018

On July 1, 2004, the national notification by drug and food administration and the state administration for industry and commerce, since July 1, 2004, no antibiotics, China can buy all kinds of small pharmacy casually to the phenomenon of antibiotics will no longer appear, all within the scope of domestic retail stores must by professional physicians prescription to buy.

In 1928 Dr. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, which greatly improved the human resistance to disease, and the discovery of antibiotics opened up a new stage in the modern medical revolution around the world.

In early 2004, China's food and drug administration announced that 80, 000 people a year in China have died from overuse of antibiotics, and China has become one of the worst offenders.

A third of global deaths are from irrational use of drugs, rather than the disease itself, according to the WHO in a drug safety report.

The Numbers are shocking, and the abuse of antibiotics has seriously jeopardized the health of the nation.

Before that, people were used to antibiotics, cold, fever, constipation and so on. In hospitals, doctors often prescribe a large number of antibiotics, and antibiotics become a necessary family medicine. Why should they be limited?

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