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Nutritional effect of health vinegar
Jan 18, 2019

Nutritional effect of health vinegar

The nutritional effects of health vinegar are also different due to the addition of different fruits and vegetables. 

Apple cider vinegar can nourish the heart and nourish the qi, produce cough, stomach and spleen; tomato vinegar can clear away heat and detoxify, calm the liver, relieve heat and quench the thirst; aloe vinegar has the effects of inhibiting heart rhythm, dilating blood vessels, increasing red blood cells and fighting cancer.

 You can choose according to your own situation when you drink.

People with stomach and kidney disease should not drink

Although health vinegar is nutritious, pay attention to the following aspects when drinking: First, you can not drink a lot. 

The advantage of drinking vinegar is to help digestion. People who like to eat meat can drink a cup of fruit vinegar after each meal.

 It is not necessary to have vegetarian or normal digestive function. In terms of quantity, it is best not to exceed 20 ml of concentrated juice per day.

 The second is to try not to drink on an empty stomach, or to dilute without boiling water, which will cause certain damage to the stomach. Third, people with stomach ulcers, hyperacidity, and diabetics should not drink more. 

Fourth, people who are allergic to fruits should read the instructions before drinking and avoid the corresponding fruit vinegar.

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