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Ninety-nine years old, he will be four square
Nov 29, 2017

1, gut: more than 90% of nutrition on intestinal absorption, by more than 90% of the toxin it out of the body, the intestinal barrier will make toxins can't normal eduction body outside, leading to many diseases, known as the source of diseases. The bifidisation factor in the vinaigrette vinegar can keep the intestinal tract unimpeded and exhaust the poison! The body's nutrition is balanced to reduce the incidence of disease.

2, blood vessels, tong: blood vessels is the most important channel human blood circulation system, when the blood viscous, vascular stenosis, will cause the blood circulation, directly lead to high blood pressure, heart head blood-vessel sclerosis of arterial congee appearance, can also cause a series of heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, stroke, and even life threatening.

3. Lymphatic system: the lymphatic system is a general term for the immune system, endocrine system, reproductive system and nervous system. It is the body's largest immune and detoxification system. Lymphatic metabolism can produce tumor, diabetes, skin disease, chronic liver disease; Endocrine system is the main regulating system of the body, endocrine imbalance, can lead to many diseases. Vitamin C in vitamin C can make lymphatic smooth and adjust endocrine to normal state.

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