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Methods of producing vinegar
Nov 22, 2016

Vinegar is a condiment used in the a category, also known as vinegar, vinegar such as acyl and bitter, is commonly used as a liquid in cooking sour sauce.

Brewing vinegar and vinegar production methods can be divided into synthetic vinegar. Brewing vinegar, whose material is food, sugar, alcohol, brewed by microbial fermentation. Synthetic vinegar is vinegar, add water, sour agents, seasonings, spices, food colours blending together.

Vinegar because in a natural environment can generate their own, ancient people all over the world from a very early age started to vinegar. In General, the Eastern grain brewing vinegar, Western countries with fruit and wine vinegar. In China, often think of vinegar in the Western Zhou dynasty begins when was brewing, but some felt that vinegar in the Shang dynasty or earlier. Han Shi Xi is called vinegar. In the West, the ancient Egypt have emerged in the vinegar. Because they are obtained through fermentation, to a certain extent, wine vinegar may be considered homologous, who can wine of ancient civilization, generally has the ability to vinegar.

Raw materials, process, different diets, vinegar tastes vary widely. Relatively long history should be started in first year began in the five dynasties and Tang Changxing (936 ad) ' Bao Ning vinegar. Sichuan langzhong baoning vinegar produced this, acid and soft, mellow sweet features, along with the popular Sichuan food, marketed around the world, has "left the baoning vinegar, Sichuan, without taking" argument. In the North, the most famous is the vinegar kind of Ming dynasty invention of Shanxi aged vinegar. Shanxi is famous for vinegar-loving country, "go away for not paying vinegar" joke. In the Central Plains of Henan is the most famous vinegar. In southern China, the greatest impact of Zhenjiang aromatic vinegar. In addition more famous vinegar or rice vinegar, Zhejiang health.

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