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Jiuyuanwei vinegar has a role in diabetes
Nov 27, 2017

Diabetes: type 1 diabetes is the pancreas cell damage cannot produce insulin, insulin absolute shortage caused by type 1 diabetes develops in adolescents, must rely on insulin therapy.

Type 2 diabetes is normal for islet cells, but the role of insulin is weakened or low in quality, which occurs in obese people, who are mostly elderly. Obesity is a major environmental factor in type 2 diabetes mellitus, which is associated with excessive consumption and reduced physical activity.

The body can secrete insulin is islet, islet is part of the pancreatic endocrine, are many sizes and shapes of cell, scattered everywhere in the pancreas, pancreatic islet mainly divided into the alpha, beta cells, gamma cells and PP cells. Beta cells account for 60% to 70% of islet cells and can secrete insulin.

Have seen an article, specifically analyzes the cause of diabetes: diabetes patients with the most representative characteristic is a lack of insulin, or low quality of secretion of insulin, and insulin secretion is one of the islet cells in the human body, is called: beta cells (beta). Have proved records, total number of beta cells in type 2 diabetes patients, not less than healthy people, however, found that the beta cells in the body most of them are in a "strike" and "sleep" state, not to work properly, the beta cells secrete insulin production and quality is definitely has decreased, and thus requires from synthetic insulin injection or to supplement western medicine in vitro.

Ninety-nine years of vitamin vinegar has activated cellular function in the human body. It can restore beta cell vitality, repair damaged beta cells, and provide adequate nutrition for beta cells. D him vinegar at the same time, Yang age it is a small molecule weakly alkaline health food, contains rich active vitamin C, bifidogenic factors, active enzyme nutrition elements, such as active vitamin C can quickly get through the channel to beta cells transport nutrients, beta cells is also the one of the types of human cells, nature will also benefit from the age of jiujiu vinegar in a variety of nutrients, repair, and to wake up the sleeping beta cells, let them all to "work". D he and Yang age vinegar rich in synthetic insulin needed 20 amino acids, more than 10 kinds of organic acids, vitamins and a variety of trace elements, provide adequate nutrition raw material for synthetic insulin. In addition, the other nine years of weihe vinegar is alkaline food, and diabetics are acidic. It can adjust the acid and alkali balance of diabetics. With the production and quality of insulin gradually returning to normal, the body will gradually recover and get rid of insulin and western medicine.

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