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Jiujiuyuan vinegar is a function of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
Nov 27, 2017

the disease of heart head blood-vessel, life down is unobstructed, blood like water crystal clear, as people age, air pollution, water pollution, fruit and vegetable food pollution, gradually developed a garbage in the blood.

For example: large fat plaques, cholesterol crystals, and uric acid salt crystals.

It can cause vascular embolism and heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. How can ninety-nine years old wei he vinegar can metabolize the rubbish in the blood? Because it is rich in many kinds of amino acids, organic acids, active VC, active enzyme, acetic acid and nianic acid. Acetic acid can metabolize rubbish in the blood; Nick is a cholesterol buster -- it can metabolize cholesterol in the blood. Acetic acid at the same time increase the elasticity of blood vessel can soften blood vessels, activity of vitamin C, active enzyme can dredge blood vessels, clean up the toxins in the blood and vessel wall garbage dirt, make the circulation of blood to circulate normally. Use half a year to clean up your body toxins in your 40s, and spend a year to clean up your body toxins. Blood is clean, blood vessels are resilient and healthy, blood pressure will return to normal and blood lipid will return to normal.

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