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Honey vinegar diet
Nov 22, 2016

Honey is a natural and healthy beauty slimming food, despite the high sugar but are low in calories, contains sugar to burn residual heat the body, plays a slimming effect. Today is honey the honey and vinegar together using white vinegar diets, below that is a concrete solution to the diets of white vinegar with honey:

1. honey choice: the diets of white vinegar with honey to honey is acacia honey, nectar of jujube, Litchi Honey nectar Jing, best is pure honey, are mostly concentrated at the supermarket honeys, honey content is very low, less than great slimming effect.

2. white vinegar: white vinegar, white vinegar used as far as possible without adding any chemical preparations.

3. share: mixture of honey and vinegar for 3:1, or 3 parts honey plus 1 part white vinegar and honey once the dose of 50 g to do see and share too much of white vinegar on the stomach produces strong effects, based on shares of itself to properly adjust the honey and vinegar. If they think that tastes bad, to participate in the amount of water, but the temperature is lower than 40 degrees, the temperature is too high could damage the slimming effects of honey.

4. taking measures: honey vinegar diets take 20 minutes before breakfast time, prevents constipation, detoxifying slimming effect, and once after lunch and dinner.

This honey white vinegar thin rapidly in online fried have is hot, trust personally experience of people also minority, but any a thin body approach are not is on all are applies of, in using this honey white vinegar thin rapidly of time, primary needs attention honey of selected, selection pure natural honey, second in using process in the attention survey itself situation, appropriate adjustment honey and white vinegar of share, to arrived best of thin body role. If the body has severe repercussions of discomfort, should immediately stop using.

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