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Health vinegar is no longer a new thing
Jan 18, 2019

Health vinegar is no longer a new thing.

Vinegar is a sour flavoring produced by various leavens. The vinegar is mainly made of rice or sorghum. 

The proper fermentation can convert the liquid containing carbohydrate (sugar, starch) into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

 The alcohol is combined with the oxygen in the air to form acetic acid and water. 

Therefore, the process of brewing vinegar is the process of further oxidizing alcohol to acetic acid.

Health vinegar is no longer a new thing. 

Health vinegar drinks began in Vermont, in the northeastern United States. 

Locals used to drink two tablespoons of vinegar and two tablespoons of honey every morning. 

It’s this magical vinegar drink that makes the state’s people almost all old. The body is awesome and it tastes good. Subsequently, health vinegar quickly became popular in Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe. 

In China, which has a history of brewing vinegar for more than 2,000 years, the health vinegar produced is unique, the flavor is unique, and the nutritional price is even higher. 

The manufacturers of health vinegar are too numerous to list.

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