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Fruit vinegar solid fermentation
May 23, 2018

Fruit vinegar solid fermentation


The method uses grain as the main material, and uses apple (multiple peel residue and lingering fruit) as auxiliary materials. After processing, it is obtained by solid state fermentation of yeast and acetic acid bacteria. Process flow; fruit raw materials → cut off the rotting part → washing → crushing → mixing with grain processed goods → steaming → saccharification and alcoholic fermentation → solid acetic acid fermentation → immersed vinegar → sterilization → aging → finished product. This method has many auxiliary materials and fillers added during the process of making vinegar, and the basic substances are richer than liquid fermentation methods, which are conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms and produce different metabolites, which result in high concentrations of amino acids and sugars in the finished products. Therefore, the products are sour and sour in acid. It is sweet, rich in aroma and fruity. It has mellow taste and good color. It is a traditional vinegar method. However, this method also has some drawbacks, such as poor sanitary conditions, high labor intensity, long production cycle, low raw material utilization rate, and low production capacity. At the same time, the rate of vinegar production is low and the quality is not easily stabilized.

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