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Four kinds of dishes need more vinegar before nutrition
May 07, 2018

Cabbage, radish, and other cold dishes

Vinegar has the effect of inhibiting bacterial growth and increasing appetite. Therefore, in the hot summer, adding a little vinegar to the salad will not only improve safety and reduce the production of nitrite, but also help to improve the loss of appetite. In addition, putting vinegar when making vegetarian dishes can also protect vitamin C from being destroyed to a large extent.

Fish soup, bone soup and other soups

The bones of animals are rich in calcium, but these calcium compounds mainly exist in the form of compounds and are not easily dissolved when boiled. Add a little vinegar to the fish and braised ribs soup to help dissolve the calcium in the bone and help the body absorb it. >>> 8 people can not vinegar

Purple cabbage, eggplant and other purple vegetables


This type of fuchsia dish is rich in anthocyanins, and it looks beautiful red under acidic conditions, and it turns blue when it is alkaline. Therefore, when fragrant purple cabbage and other purple vegetables, put a little vinegar can make the color of the dishes more red and bright.

Selenium, potatoes and other vegetables rich in polyphenols

Chopped bracts or potatoes quickly turn brown. This is due to the oxidation of polyphenols in selenium tablets or potatoes under the catalysis of polyphenol oxidase. Adding vinegar can inhibit the activity of oxidase, making it difficult to change color.

As a family of "cooking", after reading this article, I believe you have some understanding of the benefits of vinegar to our health, in the above four dishes may wish to add more vinegar!

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