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Folk Fruits, Improve Cold Hands - Homemade Mulberry Vinegar
Jun 11, 2018

Folk Fruits, Improve Cold Hands - Homemade Mulberry Vinegar

As early as more than 2,000 years ago, Mulberry had been a supplement to the Chinese emperor. Due to the special growth environment of mulberry, mulberry has natural growth without any pollution. It picks fruit from May to June when the fruit matures. So it is called "the folk fruit."

Mulberry vinegar11.jpg

Natural and pollution-free "mulberry"

Main mulberry into the liver and kidney, good nourishing yin, for the lack of liver and kidney yin and blood. (such as symptoms of cold hands and feet)

The mulberry fruit contains 6 times the nutrient content of apple and 4 times of grape. It has a variety of effects and is hailed as the best health care fruit by the medical community.

Mulberry wine has: UFA, improve human immunity, clear the liver and eyesight, prevent three high, improve the skin, the skin is white and tender, delay aging.

So let's learn homemade mulberry vinegar today.

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