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Effectiveness of health vinegar
Nov 22, 2016

1, vinegar to eliminate fatigue

Vinegar is rich in organic acids, can promote metabolism, and muscle fatigue substances such as lactic acid and pyruvic acid decomposition, makes people feel more spiritual.

2, regulation of blood acid-base balance

According to a dietician to analyse, vinegar is alkaline. Modern people eat a lot of acidic foods such as fish, meat, and drinking vinegar and acidic functions in to play.

3, aid in digestion and appetite

Volatile substances and amino acids in vinegar can stimulate the nerve centers of the brain, secreting digestive juices in the stomach, helping digestion and absorption, and vinegar can make foods contain calcium, iron and phosphorus salts dissolve, improve the nutritional value of food.

4, improve gastrointestinal sterilization ability

Vinegar has a strong sterilization capabilities against staphylococci, Escherichia coli, Shigella, halophilic bacteria, there is a great deal of effect.

5, to enhance liver function

Vinegar is rich in amino acids, acetic acid, lactic acid, Malic acid, dozens of kinds of nutrients, improving the detoxification function of the liver, promote metabolism.

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