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Brewing vinegar soaked peanuts
Aug 30, 2018

Brewing vinegar soaked peanuts


       Jiujiuyuan brewing vinegar and peanuts are golden partners. Peanut has high nutritional value, but the lipid content is high and the greasy feeling is strong. The brewing vinegar made from millet can dissolve the fragrant scent and make it nutritious and healthy.

     The folks have a high blood pressure diet prescription, which is to use peanuts to soak peanuts. This formula is very helpful for lowering blood pressure, softening blood vessels and promoting blood circulation.

        Jiujiu vinegar soaked peanuts for at least a week, and the effect of raw peanuts is better.

If you have already got up

Remember to drink a cup of warm water with 20 ml of vinegar water

Rinse the intestines and wash the intestines, just like washing your face every morning, while the nutrients in the vinegar can replenish your body and then eat breakfast.

If you don’t bathe your stomach and don’t eat breakfast

There is no food in your stomach

The small intestine and large intestine will absorb the food and stool remaining in the intestines.

Your blood will increase the toxins. The liver and kidneys will increase the burden.

In the long run, such a healthy body faces a great crisis.

In the morning, when the body needs nutrition and energy most, care for yourself and stick to every day for health.

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