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Apple vinegar beverage2
May 31, 2018

The general consumer market for high-quality, low-priced, directly drinkable, healthy and refreshing apple cider vinegar beverages, which is suitable for the mass market, is still largely empty and has great potential; for specific groups of people (such as middle-aged and older people, There is also a large market for women, special concentrated restaurants, bars, and apple vinegar beverages. This is because: First of all, from the perspective of absolute market space, first, the demand for beverages continues to grow. In 1998, China's average per capita beverage consumption reached 9.6 kg, which was 30 times more than in the early 1980s. The average annual growth rate exceeded 10%, and the annual absolute increase exceeded 1 million tons. However, compared with the per capita beverage consumption level in the world, China's per capita consumption level is relatively low. With the rapid growth of the national economy, urban and rural income levels and consumption capacity continue to increase, and the beverage market demand is in a period of sustained growth. Second, the increasing demand for beverages, the improvement of people’s living standards and the resulting shift in consumer attitudes have led to changes in the demand structure of beverages and the rapid development of new beverage varieties. Carbonated beverages and bottled water are already in the mature stage of the market. Natural juices, liquid milk, and tea beverages are in the market growth stage, while acetic acid drinks have just entered the market. Secondly, from the perspective of relative market space, the diversity of consumers' consumption tastes and the diversity of use occasions make it impossible to absolutely substitute between different beverage categories; for example, young people below the middle-aged group prefer high-grade, refreshing and convenient types. Beverages, middle-aged and older groups are more focused on the health and practicality of beverages; the market space is diverse.

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